A New Start for Nassau12123.com

A New Start for Nassau12123.comA New Start for Nassau12123.comA New Start for Nassau12123.com

Dear Readers,

For the past 30 or so years I was active in a volunteer group called the "Village Beautification Committee" here in Nassau Village. One of my earliest efforts was first contributing to and then designing a newsletter called The Village Green. As time marched on, paper copies gave way to an on-line only edition. 

         Back in 2013 when the website was created and ever since it has been a labor of love (and sometimes a cloud hanging over my head as the monthly self-imposed deadline would creep closer.) With my retirement from the Beautification Committee last fall, I decided to keep the website and focus on one of my other volunteer "occupations," researching, recording and sharing Nassau Local History.     

         I hope to keep the stories coming and you will enjoy our little walk down memory lane. Thank you.

Kurt Vincent   


Additional Information

With the current Covid-19 Epidemic on many minds, a look back to 1918 as Nassau faced another public health crisis. As American troops, some from Nassau, were enlisted, drafted and dispatched to Europe, military camps and training centers became the perfect breeding grounds for disease. Once in Europe troops fighting in muddy, unsanitary situations further aggravated the spread of Influenza. With an Armistice signed in November 1918 those troops staring coming home. This is part of the story... 


May 2020

The 1918 Pandemic and Nassau

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