Welcome to Nassau Village Beautification Committee

Welcome to Nassau Village Beautification Committee

Welcome to Nassau Village Beautification CommitteeWelcome to Nassau Village Beautification CommitteeWelcome to Nassau Village Beautification Committee

Dear Reader,

This marks the final edition of The Village Green newsletter as you have been familiar with it for the past number of years. For those of you with long memories you may recall the original newsletters were paper copies, printed on light green paper and enclosed in Village mailings sent out three times a year with tax notices. In 2013 the big move was made to a monthly on-line newsletter. Over the years Village residents, past residents, community organizations and those just interested in Nassau were our readers. Many of you expressed your opinions, asked questions and were complimentary of our content. To you - thank you.

The purpose of the newsletter was to reenforce the mission of the Village Beautification Committee. That being: enhancing the livability of the Village of Nassau; fostering community spirit through events and activities; and to promote those events and activities directly to the public. Like many of the Committee’s activities the number of hands helping in this volunteer venture eventually shrank to very few. In the case of this newsletter - only two. So after 30 years, we think we deserve a break. 

As of this date (early February 2020) there has been no word on the future of the Beautification Committee or its activities. Those who would like more information or to express an interest in volunteering should contact Village Clerk Melissa Turner-Bulan workday mornings at (518) 766-2044.

The specifics of the Nassau12123.com web address (domain) are a little more clear. As both the domain name and website were created, maintained and funded privately with no financial  assistance from either the Beautification Committee or Village of Nassau, it will remain available on-line and be focused primarily on the history of the Village. Updates will be made from time to time when new material is available. The existing e-mail notifications when a new issue is available will no long be sent. If you would like to be made aware of new materials posted on the new site, please send an e-mail to: info@nassau12123.com.

Thank you for 30 years of good times and memories.

Kurt Vincent, Chair Village Beautification Committee 

and Editor The Village Green.   




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